About Miti Ka Swaad

About Mitti Ka Swaad
Our Kitchen

Our kitchen is set up with more than 1000 sq feet area. having different sections for each activity. there is ample of space for our staff to work seamlessly and clean working space easily.

Our Staff

Our staff is having high moral values, ethics and good family background. They are expert in day to day activity ensuring all instructions are followed and maintain healthy satt-vik atmosphere everytime.

Our Service Providers

We have well established service providers. Raw vegetables, groceries, packing materials & all our supply providers ensure high quality material is supplied and quality check ensures high quality standard is maintained

Valuable staff of Mitti Ka Swaad, passionate about cooking

(Know your kitchen before you eat)

Mrs. Bhagyashree

She is from science background. Also known as dandiya queen, super active with past expertise in catering & home kitchen orders. have also participated in 'Pavnathadi jatra', also have prior experience as beautician, her child is ranker in dance competition. Her spouse is having own business

Mrs. Padmini

She is an Arts graduate and have prior experience with Supermarket, An artist and passionate about Mehandi, Kundan Jewlery designing, certified fashion designer. Her spouse is from finance industry

Mrs. Pushpa

Former Govt employee with M. Phil education (Phd incomplete), likes to read and spend time with family. Her spouse is ranked Officer in Custom dept

Mrs. Gauri

With 4 years of experience in home kitchen orders, managed day care for babies in past. Her spouse is Govt employee serving nation.

Mrs. Shital

Science graduate with prior experience as Accountant in Super market. likes to read and sing with strong expertise in boutique. Her spouse is auditor in private company

Mrs. Vanita

Having nominal education background, but full of energy and enthusiasm in cooking industry with prior 8 years of cooking experience in residential kitchens, likes to Dance and sing songs. Her spouse is Govt employee

Mrs. Rekha

Youngest old in our team, was a national kho-kho player from higher secondary school. Having prior experience in cooking business and also worked in private company. Her spouse is retired Chartered Accountant from banking industry

Mrs. Navnita

With prior experience as Accountant cum receptionist in private company. Active in day to day life with full of positive energy and thoughts. Her spouse is from finance background from MNC company

Mrs. Uma

Super active team member with prior experience in health care industry. was state level running champion in Jr. college competitions. Her spouse is in food industry.

Mrs. Pooja

She is Computer Engineer ensuring all IT related services are functional including website and technical issues during operations. Writing poems and painting makes her day special

Mrs. Prajakta

Science graduate with more than 5 years of experience in marketing and branch management, Passionate about marketing and building productive team. Her spouse is from MNC marketing organization.

Ms Nirmala

Extremely positive and passionate about cooking. Super active in social activities likes to participate in events and grab place in awards, Listening to songs, and social activities makes her day special. Her spouse was Mechanical Engineer in a reputed organization.

Mr. Sagar

He is expert in Marathi language. having rich experience of managing library of reputed education institute. likes to read books and travel.

Mr. Ajinkya

Engineering background with flavors of experience in the past, Cautious about health and fitness. likes reading books and explore new things. Spouse was former professor, having more artistic interest in Drawings, Poetry and writing columns.

Mrs Meera

Coming Soon

Mrs. Seema

Coming soon

Mrs. Suvarna

She is Masters of Sociology and passionate about dress making with good expertise in Instructing and teaching area, likes to Sing, dance and draw. her spouse is Automobile Engineer in a reputed company

Mr. Anupam

Coming Soon

Our Thoughts

'Living healthy lifestyle' is ideal, and all of us are ready
to welcome it happily. 'No bFocus on your career, we will take care of your kitchenody want to die bad, instead wish to live long and
Our lifestyle has been changed drastically and dramatically. If we
look back to our parents or grand parents rather, they really enjoyed joint
family and organic food, most of it was baked at home, rare incidents to eat
outside and we know the results. If we see today, urbanization forced us to be
part of nuclear family with unshared responsibilities and daily tasks. Our
education, career, profession, social life etc. demand more attention than our
health and lifestyle. It is often that we don’t like food cooked in our home
kitchen, might be due to limited menu, less efforts spent for cooking, time
, lack of proper facilities, availability of ingredients etc. many
reasons and result into ordering processed outside food menu which pleases our
but deteriorate out health, sleep, and ultimately our soul.

We are happy to serve you from our 'home cloud kitchen' (don’t
miss virtual tour of our kitchen) where our day starts with prayer and promise
to deliver best of the best that is extremely hard to manage at your own.

We are proud to mention that we do not refrigerate raw
vegetables or cooked food, we cook in plastic free environment, e.g., even our
chopping board is wooden, we follow most of the traditional process of
preparation of daily food like, 'pata-varvanta' (traditional stone grinder used
prior to mixers were invented). There is no place for aluminum in our kitchen
because we are committed to cook food in 'mitti ke bartan' (clay pots). Even we store all raw
ingredients either in glass pots, stain-less steel containers, clay/ceramic
storage containers ensures food nutrients and quality is not compromised.

Our ingredients & food excludes processed food,
substandard quality food, refrigerated food etc.

We don’t use 'Palm Oil', 'Refined Oil', 'White Salt', 'Maida',
'Sugar', 'Chemicals', 'Food Coloring Agents', 'Preservatives' etc; instead, food
contain 'Rock Salt', 'Sendha Namak', 'Sugar Candy', 'Kacchi-Ghani Oil', and lots of
love by our expert and experienced staff.

""You have any doubt? Why wait? ask for kitchen tour, we will
walk you through our kitchen, don’t worry we allow our customers to visit our
kitchen because we have nothing to hide...!!""

It is really challenging to have good and healthy food in
your plate, specially when you are travelling and working for long hrs. the
number of medicine consumers are increasing exponentially, at least we can
control what we can by preferring most economical, healthy food.

Entire family will have different taste buds, but don’t
worry we have wide range of menu to bring smile on everyone’s face, especially home

Regular menu:

Regular menu is specially prepared for your daily needs,
traditional food menu is at your service, just choose what you want to eat
and make your own plate in seconds.

Kids menu:

Kids are growing, offer them healthy & traditional food
in modern way, it is practically impossible for working moms to cook different
variety of healthy food everyday twice-thrice. Becomes more challenging when
school & tuition timings are odd. Getting up early and cook real time is
unlikely unavoidable.

Life is easy now, just let us know what your princes, prince
likes, we will deliver to school.

""You have any doubt? Why wait? ask for kitchen tour, we will
walk you through our kitchen, don’t worry we allow our customers to visit our
kitchen because we have nothing to hide.""


Athletes, gymnastics menu:

Focus on your career, why spend time on buying grocery,
preparing daily. Save your time daily and spend it on ground. Getting extremely
healthy diet
suitable for you is not a dream now. You practice and we encourage
you by delivering what exactly you want in your plate.


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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store's happy customers.

Virtual kitchen tour of Mitti Ka Swaad


Why "Mitti ke Bartan"

“Mitti ke Bartan” earthenware pots used to be an intrinsic part of the
Indian kitchen.
In the earlier days every Indian household used “Clay pots” for cooking
on a day-to-day basis. So why did our ancestors use clay utensils for
cooking, surely for many reasons, that’s why we are “Mitti ka swaad” is
here for you. We believe in cooking with health benefits.
1) Slow cooking:
Clay cooking pots are extremely effective for slow cooking. Clay
cooking vessels are porous in nature. It allows both moisture and heat
to circulate easily through them. This aids in even, slow and delicate
cooking.  Curry, gravy and sauteing vegetables are best done in
earthenware. The porosity and natural insulation properties of clay
causes heat and moisture to circulate throughout clay pots. This makes
cooking in a clay pot a much slower process but has added benefit of
preventing amateur cooks from burning their dishes.
2) Maintain maximum nutrition in food:
Earthenware vessels have a unique quality of keeping in all the steam
and vapor that evaporates during cooking. It helps to retain all the
nutrients of the food. It reduces the need to add more oil and/or water.
Clay pots add many important nutrients like calcium, phosphorous, iron,
magnesium, and sulfur to food, which are extremely beneficial to our
3) pH balance of the food:
Clay as a material has alkaline properties, acts neutralized the acidity in
the food, which makes it easier for us to digest. It neutralizes the pH
balance of the food by interacting with acids in food. Acidic foods like
tomatoes will take some natural sweetness and give the food a fantastic
taste when cooked with earthenware vessels.
4) Tasty Food:
Food cooked in Clay pots is tastier than any other cooking Pans. Why?
Because, Moisture content of the food is retained thus making your food
juicer, tender, and fresher than normal cooking. This is unique to clay
cooking and helps carry spices and seasoning much deeper into the
food, giving it that extra special touch in flavour. Cooking in a clay pot
not only has a variety of health benefits but also make it more flavourful
and nutritious dish.

5) Less Oil:
 A fat-free meal is possible while cooking in earthenware vessels as
they have a non-stick property. This helps in lesser usage of oil while
cooking in clay pots, resulting in a drop in your bad cholesterol and a

slimmer waistline. An added advantage is that this also helps you
reduce the use of salt.
6) Retain heat for longer time:
It is just about perfect to cook food without overheating or cooking at
high pressure. Hence hot food remains hot and cold food remains cold
longer. Reheating the food always leads to loss of nutrition but if you
cook in a clay pot it retains the temperature for a longer time and no
worries for reheating.
7) Uniform cooking:
Clay is a porous material, allows heat and moisture to circulate evenly
through the pot during cooking, unlike with aluminium or non-stick pots.
This superior form of heat circulation helps in cooking vegetables
8) Environmental benefits:
Clay is an environment-friendly substance, as they are completely
natural, inert, and non-toxic. They are completely Bio-degradable.

*We do not claim any health benefits, above content is for your knowledge only. *