Ghar ka khaaana


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Amaranth/ rajgira in India is an amazing ancient grain with wonderful nutritional benefits. We will have immense health benefits if we include it every day in our diet and if we pop amaranth, it can be had as a high-protein snack too.


  • Its greens carry just 23 calories/100g. Amaranth leaves contain only traces of fats and no cholesterol.
  • The leaves and stems carry a good amount of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. For the same reason, leafy greens including amaranth often recommended by dieticians in cholesterol-controlling and weight-reduction programs.
  • Fresh 100 g of leaf amaranth contains 29% DRI of iron. 
  • Amaranth greens perhaps have the highest concentrations of vitamin K of all the edible green-leafy vegetables. 
  • Fresh amaranth leaves are one of the richest sources of vitamin C.