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Palak Paneer/ पनीर sabji

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Paneer Palak

Eating spinach may benefit eye health, reduce oxidative stress, help prevent cancer, and reduce blood pressure levels.


Most of the carbs in spinach consist of fiber, which is incredibly healthy.

Spinach also contains small amounts of sugar, mostly in the form of glucose and fructose



Spinach is high in insoluble fiber, which may boost your health in several ways. It adds bulk to stool as food passes through your digestive system. This may help prevent constipation


Vitamins and minerals

Spinach is an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Vitamin A. Spinach is high in carotenoids, which your body can turn into vitamin A.
  • Vitamin C. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin health and immune function.
  • Vitamin K1. This vitamin is essential for blood clotting. Notably, one spinach leaf contains over half of your daily needs.
  • Folic acid. Also known as folate or vitamin B9, this compound is vital for pregnant womenand essential for normal cellular function and tissue growth.
  • Spinach is an excellent source of this essential mineral. Iron helps create hemoglobin, which brings oxygen to your body’s tissues.
  • Calcium. This mineral is essential for bone health and a crucial signaling molecule for your nervous system, heart, and muscles.

Spinach also contains several other vitamins and minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6, B9, and E.


Paneer has a high nutritional value, which is why it is believed that paneer is good for health and should be a part of your daily diet. It provides instant energy as it is rich in calcium, selenium, and potassium. It also has high protein content, making it a good choice for a vegetarian diet

  • Paneer benefits bones: Calcium and vitamin D present in the paneer makes the bones and teeth stronger and healthier. It also helps in maintaining bone mass. Calcium also promotes the healthy functioning of the heart, muscles, and nerves.
  • Paneer benefits the digestive system: Digestive system breaks down the food we eat to provide energy to our body. Paneer has magnesium and phosphorus. They are essential for the easy functioning of the digestive system. They aid in digestion and make stools softer and easier to pass.
  • Paneer benefits the immune system: Paneer has nutrients that help in building a strong immune system. The immune system protects our body and fights infection-causing germs. It also strengthens the muscles and helps in reducing muscular cramps.
  • Paneer for cognitive development: It has omega-3 that is good for the mental development of kids. It enhances memory and improves concentration in kids.
  • Paneer reduces the risk of cancer: It has Vitamin D and calcium that helps in the prevention of breast cancer. It also has some chemicals(sphingolipids) that also help fight colon and prostate cancer during the initial stages.