Ghar ka khaaana

Aam Panna/आम पन्ना/कैरी पन्हे

Rs. 60.00
Rs. 60.00

 Aam Panna or Panha is a soothing raw mango drink enjoyed during the hot summer months in India. It is made with raw, green mangoes that are sour and unripe.


  • Re-hydrates, Maintains Electrolyte Balance and Prevents Loss of Iron.
  • Aam ka Panna is prepared from unripe mangoes and thus serves as a good source of nutrition. This drink is rich in carbohydrates, Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C.
  • Reduces Depression.
  • Healthy Eyes.
  • High Vitamin A levels found in Aam Panna helps to protect eyes from various diseases such as cataract, night blindness, dry eyes, etc.